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We shop for your clients at NO CHARGE and often save them thousands of dollars a year off  their existing health insurance premiums, while providing better coverage and service! Going through a call center or an agent who works for just one company costs your client’s big money! They often try to steer a client to the company who pays them the most or has the best bonus program. We do what’s best for your client...period.

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Why Advisors Choose To Work With Us

We have 39 years of experience working to add value to your practice at no cost to you or your clients! My job is to make YOU the hero in the eyes of your clients; so they can add additional needed protection or simply keep more money in their investments, whichever they choose! You separate yourself as an advisor from the competition and ultimately gaining more referrals, thus more business! 

"We Are Here For One Reason: To Help You And Your Clients!"


“Mark is a valued business partner of our firm. He provides educational seminars on Individual Marketplace, Medicare, and Group Landscape for our clients. This information has been very well received and we have his seminars on an ongoing basis. Mark is professional, courteous, and possesses a high character. Do not hesitate to partner with him.” 


– T. Greg Clark (Business Development Director, Encore Wealth Management)